Persuasive Business Writing Seattle

Get fresh insights and practical techniques you can use immediately
to write clearly & persuasively!

Friday, February 12, 2016

09:00 am - 03:30 pm

 $325 Early Registration 

 $250 Team of 3 or more

 $275 Nonprofit and Government




Clear writing starts with clear thinking.

In this energetic one-day workshop, you'll get new ideas and practical techniques to help you master the skills you need to think clearly and write persuasively.

Through lively discussions, guided exercieses, and practical examples, you'll gain new insight about why you write, what your readers expect from you, and how to communicate your ideas clearly to engage your readers and achieve results.

Become more persuasive in business.

Throughout your day, you write to convince others to do something – approve a budget, change a process, support a project, and dozens of other actions.

This workshop will introduce you to a simple yet powerful method to help you use logic to communicate clearly and persuasively in business.


After completing this workshop,
you will be able to:

• Clearly define why you are writing and what you expect to accomplish

• Identify your reader's perceptions and expectations

• Create and structure logically-organized documents

• Eliminate wordiness and complexity in your writing

• Actively engage your readers and achieve results through clear communication

Who Should Attend:adult-students.jpg

This workshop is ideal for managers, technical professionals, business analysts, marketing teams, administrative staff – everyone who has to communicate their ideas throughout the work day.


What You'll Get:

You'll learn dozens of new ideas and techniques you can use right away to communicate clearly and persuasively. 

You'll also receive a comprehensive workbook with notes, examples, exercises, grammar tips, and a recommended reading list.

Plus you'll get coffee, refreshments, and a healthy lunch!


About your instructor: 


John Sturtevant is a certified trainer in the Accelerated Learning Method. He has taught thousands of business people around the world how to think analytically and communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively.

John was a successful business writer for 20 years. He also taught writing at Harvard Business School and was Professor of Business Communications at The European School of Economics.

John earned the All-Star Speaker honor from the International Association of Business Communicators. He leads public workshops and onsite training for organizations worldwide.

 $325 Early Registration 

 $250 Team of 3 or more

 $275 Nonprofit and Government




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