John Sturtevant’s 1-on-1 Clear Writing Coaching Sessions are a great opportunity for you to learn the same communication skills, concepts, and techniques our corporate clients learn in the full-day Business Writing Training Workshop – the difference is, you get hands-on personal coaching from the convenience of your home or office.

We’ll schedule a series of 1-hour sessions where you’ll get hands-on personal writing coaching, editing, and clear suggestions for dozens of ways to improve your writing and presentation skills.

In John Sturtevant’s 1-on-1 Clear Writing Sessions, you’ll see first-hand how to:

• apply clear writing techniques in real-timeoneoldermale.jpg

• tighten your sentence structure to make your writing transparent

• revise your paragraphs to help your ideas flow

• use the “so what” model to test your ideas

• eliminate needless content

• use elements of persuasive writing to strengthen your logic

• make your charts and graphs brilliantly clear

• and much more!


onefemale.jpg“Great writing program, fun, entertaining, packed with valuable ideas that really made me think.”

Tracy Guterres
Senior HR Advisor
British Columbia Transmission Corporation


 Learn More About 1-on-1 Writing Coaching by calling 713-861-9992

or email: John@johnSturtevant.Com

"I like the practicality John provides, with excellent techniques and a new way of thinking to make my writing relevant and effective."

Stacy Armijo 
Senior Account Supervisor
Pierpont Communications