Practical ideas that will give you a fresh perspective, and renewed enthusiasm for business writing.


Clear writing is an essential business skill.

No matter how much expertise you have, if you can’t communicate clearly, your knowledge and experience are lost. Unfortunately, in many organizations, business goals focus on time – getting things done quickly – rather than getting things done effectively. This approach nearly always leads to poor communication and unproductive relationships between managers, colleagues, clients, and the public.

In this award-winning, informative, and entertaining 60-minute presentation, you will learn 10 practical ideas designed to give you the skills and insight you need to think clearly, and communicate with confidence.

Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or you struggle through every sentence, 10 Clear Ideas for Writing Well will give you a fresh perspective, and a renewed enthusiasm for business writing. 

 Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

How to awaken your active-listening skills and write material that is relevant and meaningful to your target audience.

Analytical thinking techniques that help you focus your objectives and structure a logical and persuasive document.

Proven ways to uncover your reader’s perceptions and meet their expectations.

An approach to clear and logical writing that will engage and inspire your readers.


10 Clear Ideas for Writing Well combines real-life examples with proven principles of clear business writing to give you practical, relevant skills you will use immediately.