A two-day hands-on workshop that gives you essential skills for communicating clearly and persuasively

Training Strategy

woman-on-laptop.jpgNo matter how much expertise you have, or how many years you’ve worked in your industry, if you can’t communicate clearly, your knowledge and experience are lost. The problem is, many business people fall into the trap of generating bland, boring, and confusing business communication.

If that includes you, here’s your chance to kick that habit!

This two-day workshop is active, thought-provoking, and filled with new ideas and fresh techniques to help you become a clear thinker and effective communicator. The session combines business case examples, experiential-learning principles, and proven techniques to give you practical, relevant skills you will use immediately.


writing_class_participant.jpgYou’ll have the opportunity to critique, edit, and revise a writing sample you bring class, with guidance and coaching from an award-winning professional writer and teacher.

You’ll also assess and define your communication style, and discover how it influences the way you think, listen, lead, collaborate, and communicate.

After completing this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your communication style
  • Collaborate effectively to broaden your problem-solving skills
  • Break out of stale habits and communicate clearly and persuasively
  • Develop a clear objective for persuasive communication
  • Create messaging with a clear focus on benefits to your reader and audience
  • Motivate and inspire your audience through persusive writing and confident presenting

Day 1

You will participate in a series of exercises to awaken your self-awareness; discover how learning styles influence communication; and identify how recognizing individual communication styles creates productive collaboration among teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify dominant learning styles that influence communication
  • Recognize how shared values and experiences strengthen teams
  • Use active dialog techniques to improve communication
  • Motivate and inspire others through clear, persuasive communication
  • Encourage and support coworkers to their full abilities and potential

The Principles of Clear Communication

Clear communication is an essential business skill. And it starts with clear thinking. During Day 1 activities, you will learn to think analytically; identify key reader perceptions; and collaborate on problem-solving exercises.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply analytical-thinking to assess key issues and decision points
  • Define and identify audience perceptions and expectations
  • Create and structure logical, persuasive, and clearly-organized documents
  • Recognize, consider, and effectively address opposing points of view

Day 2

Most often in business, people communicate to convince others to do something – change a process, take an action, or approve a decision. Through hands-on exercises, and guided assignments, you will learn and practice techniques for thinking analytically and communicating persuasively.

You will learn how to structure an effective argument, introduce facts, support claims, anticipate objections, and make clear recommendations – all essential to persuasive business communication. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key issues and problems to be resolved
  • Collaborate effectively to encourage diverse problem-solving
  • Create visual support that enhances your presentation
  • Develop a step-by-step process that ensures a convincing presentation
  • Test your logic using a syllogism
  • Use a Proofline – the 7 essential components of a logical argument



Working in small groups, you will brainstorm ideas for a short presentation; determine your purpose, audience, and expected outcome; and create a presentation with a logical structure, clear recommendation, and effective visual support.

You'll receive guidance on messaging, revising, and editing; and productive collaboration skills.


You will present your solution to the class and discuss how you approached the planning and writing. You’ll reinforce your skills and learn from other students and the instructor through these critiques.


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