A series of 2-hour classes that will give your colleagues
 the confidence and skills to think clearly & communicate persuasively

Clear Writing Basics 

Five, 2-hour Sessions

1. Introduction to Clear Writing

A fun and surprising look at how the fundamental structure of the English language significantly affects what you say and how you say it. You’ll never look at a comma quite the same way again.

2. Develop a Specific Objective

Insightful strategies and practical techniques for developing clear and focused communication objectives. You’ll gain new perspectives about why so many of your emails and requests are ignored.

3. Understand Your Readers

Each person you write to has experiences, opinions, priorities, and expectations that are different from yours. You’ll learn how to define your readers’ perspectives, and capture their attention.

4. Clear Sentences and Logical Paragraphs

Contrary to what you’ve been taught since 3rd grade, writing is not a process of filling up space! You’ll review examples of passive voice, sloppy style, and complexity – then transform them into clear writing.

5. Email and Proposals that Inspire Results


The daily flood of email makes your inbox and outbox difficult to manage. You’ll learn 10 fresh ideas to help you cut through the clutter, focus on your objectives, and compel your reader to take action.


Whether you’re a manager, sales pro, technical expert, finance specialist, or support staff, you must write to inspire your readers. You’ll learn 7 steps for creating compelling documents that achieve results.

Advanced Persuasive Writing

Two, 2-hour Sessions

Participants should attend both sessions

1. Brainstorming, Outlining, and Argument Structure

Most business writing is designed to convince others to do something – change a process, take an action, or approve a decision. Using a case study, you’ll practice ways to generate ideas, collaborate, identify reader perspectives, create a clear outline, and apply Aristotle’s method for structuring a logical argument.

2. Writing an Argument

Using the strategy and tactics you created in Session 1, you’ll develop a persuasive document that presents a clear recommendation, introduces facts, supports claims, and anticipates objections. Working in small groups, you’ll write, revise, edit, and present your response for critiques (and praise!) by your classmates.

Effective Presentation Skills

Two, 2-hour Sessions

Participants should attend both sessions

1. Develop Self-Awareness and Confidence

Through fun, challenging, and insightful exercises you’ll learn how to use body language, vocal techniques, life experiences, and story-telling principles to inspire and educate your audience.

2. Create Compelling Presentations

Collaborating in small groups, you’ll brainstorm and outline your ideas, write a clear, logical script, create visuals to enhance your story, and deliver your presentation for critiques (and praise!) by your classmates.

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