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Inside out. Outside in. Perpetual change.

One of the biggest advantages of thinking about our businesses with new technologies in mind, is that it can enlighten us to see our companies from the outside looking in.

As a rule: Clear writing delivers bottom-line benefits.

More than 2,000 Washington state employees have attended training to help them write in clear, everyday language. And they’re seeing results in more than just concise memos.

How to be clear and write what you mean.

"The principles are clear, the teaching style is relaxed and fun, and we actually used what we learned right away." - Jack Branhauf, Houston CPA No matter what kind of business writing seminar, writing training, or technical writing classes you've tried, here's the only guide you'll need to learn to be clear and write what you mean.  (In 5 easy steps.) 1. Ignore what you learned in high school English class. Sure, grammar and punctuation are important. Nouns and verbs do matter. But knowing a dangling participle from a prepositional phrase won’t make you a good writer. Knowing what you want to say, then saying it with clear and simple words will make you a good writer. That's the best business writing training you'll ever need.Too many business people hide behind pompous language and complex words. They burden us with …