BHP Billiton believes clear communication is an essential business skill for its global workforce.
In fact, the company's Houston-based management recognizes the critical value clear communication brings to their diversified, global business. Clear communication unites people from a wide range of cultures, experiences, and business expertise. And it allows them understand complex ideas and make educated decisions about the company's operations.
That's why BHP Billiton is investing in a series of onsite business writing workshops for its Houston-based staff.

Focus on analytical thinking and persuasive writing techniques.

The series of one-day Persuasive Business Writing workshops are designed to give BHP Billiton staff practical techniques for analytical thinking and clear, persuasive writing.
Participants included staff from financial services, procurement, IT services, and external affairs.
John gave us very insightful new ideas and practical tools we can use,” said John Stafford, Global Supply Manager. “His techniques taught my staff how to write so their readers understand their concepts, and why they are important to our business.”

 I learnt a new way of thinking from another's perspective," said Alan Andrews, Senior Financial Analyst. "Being from the UK, I've found challenges relating to cultural differences. I know have techniques I can use daily to improve my communications."

"John is an excellent instructor," added Elizabeth Castro, Buyer. "He gave us a lot of insight about looking at language as constantly changing. I had never thought about how that affects my communications on the job."

Listening is a communication skill. That idea makes so much sense to me." said Eric Maguran, Joint Venture Analyst. I can see dozens of opportunities to apply that one idea. And John gave us plenty of other practical ideas I can use."

About BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton is among the world’s largest producers of major commodities, including aluminium, copper, energy coal, iron ore, manganese, metallurgical coal, nickel, silver and uranium along with substantial interests in oil and gas.

About John Sturtevant

John Sturtevant provides public Business Writing Seminars and Presentation Skills Workshops. He also runs Effective Business Writing Training and Presentation Skills Workshops onsite at companies around the world.

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