Coincidental Double Word Thingy

Noun: A acronym used to define the phenomenon when a word is used twice consecutively in a sentence.


My brother and I have coined an acronym for this condition - CDWT (Coincidental Double Word Thingy) - and we have half (no, that doesn't count) heartedly endeavored to determine if there is a proper grammatical term, other than our acronym, that applies to this occurrence.

We wrote to Will Shortz, who replied with his approval to desingate the term Coincidental Double Word Thingy (CDWT) to this language oddity.


He had had that type of pie once before.

She noticed that that butterfly seemed to like only one type of flower.

One or two too many elements. (acceptable)

She liked that that was what her sister gave her for her birthday

Something I should look for for mom

Just say when when you're ready

But you had had a different perspective

I move in in a couple of weeks

I don't think they're there yet (half acceptable)

If that time works out for you you are still invited of course.

I've learned that that can offend some people.



Things we don't do, don't affect you. However, things we do do do affect you.


This one I'm proud of, as I wrote it, and it contains two consecutive CDWTs:

 Then we would always know that that had had an influence on society.


And, a poem I wrote with a CDWT 


Aye aye skipper man

We'll well set sail onward now

that that is our fate.


And one I wrote with two:


What vain dreams I had

Had slipped into a forest

For est! est! est! now.



All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life.


We welcome your examples of CDWT, CTWT, and CQWT. You may submit them here.