Think Before You Send It!

Ten clear ideas that will give you the confidence and skills to think clearly & write great email.


Email makes it simple to be confusing

Information is plentiful throughout your organization. But how your staff communicates that information is critical – especially when writing email.

When people get busy, they can get careless…lazy even! And nearly all of us are  swamped with a daily email flood too ominous to manage.  As a result, the ubiquitous inbox and sent items folders can be a blessing…and a curse. 

That’s why, when writing email, it’s more important than ever to turn information into knowledge to help our email cut through the clutter, focus our message, and compel our readers to take action.

In this entertaining and informative 60-minute presentation, you’ll learn 10 clear ideas designed to give you the skills, techniques, and insight you need to think clearly, and write great emails.

You’ll learn how to use these 10 clear ideas:

1. Put your end first.

2. Who the heck are you and why do I care?

3. Toss the ten meg attachment, Ted.

4. Eyes on the prize, reader.

5. More passion, less fury!

6. Don’t truss the spill chocker.

7. Yawn. Ah, that’s good enough.

8. Yeah, I see the legalese. All email is public domain.

9. ASAP?! That’s next week for me!

10. I don’t get no respect.

Think Before You Send It! combines business examples, real-life stories, and interactive accelerated-learning principles to give participants practical, relevant skills they can use immediately.

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