Hi Robert,

Please reply to confirm you received this, some company firewalls block my emails.  

Thanks for getting in touch. Here’s the outline of the two-day Clear Business Writing Workshop: https://www.johnsturtevant.com/files/523/

I’ve run this session multiple times for Seattle’s Sound Transit, Canada’s BC Transmission Co and BC Hydro, Andadarko, BHP Billiton, AirLiquid, and many other companies whose staff writes the kinds of persuasive documents you described – I believe it’s a great fit for your employees.

When you have a minute, please take a look at the outline. Then let me know if you’d like to talk in more detail about what you have in mind. I’d be happy to schedule a phone call, or talk via email.

Thanks Robert.



John Sturtevant

Communication Skills Training
Practical techniques for clear & persuasive business communication. 
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Fantastic! John held my interest for two days...with excellent ideas and techniques I can actually use.

Leda Celaya
Program Manager
Aramco Technical Services


On Mar 13, 2018, at 1:40 PM, no-reply@tendenci.com wrote:

Yes, send me an outline.

This training is for (choose one): a group of employees at my company
Onsite Workshops Two-Day Business Writing
The Writing Lab No
Tell us more Looking to develop technical writing skills for employees required to develop compelling petitions to convince regulators to approve the preferred project and to respond to regulators' and intervening parties interrogatories in a clear and persuasive manner. 
My Name Robert P. Clarke
My Company Eversource Energy 
My Job Title Director - Transmission
My Email Address robert.clarke@eversource.com
My Phone # 781-441-8057