The British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) recently contracted John Sturtevant to provide a series of eight workshops for analysts, engineers, managers from BCTC and its sister company British Columbia Hydro (BC Hydro).

BCTC and BC Hydro handle power generation and distribution of electricity throughout British Columbia. The staff is responsible for researching often complex topics and writing persuasive reports on the company’s activities.

These reports are intended for a variety of readers – government regulators, local communities, Canada’s First Nation tribes, and business interests.

The BCTC staff must clearly define their purpose and expected outcome and logically present their ideas, often in several ways.

“This was an excellent workshop,” said Wah Shum, Regional Systems Manager. “It helped me understand how to think, how to organize what I want to communicate, and how to write clearly!”

BCTC Senior Engineer Robert Pan said, “Clear communication is essential in our business, The Writing Workshop gave me new ideas and practical ways to improve all my communications.”

“Excellent course!” added Senior Engineer Lili Bu. “I loved John’s fun style of teaching. Plus I learned how to recognize what my readers expect from my writing, and how to use my reader’s language to tell a compelling business story.”

Financial Analyst Rakesh Pattani said, “This is a very worthwhile course that will teach you how to write clearly…and also give you some insights about yourself!”

“As someone who deals with spending and ROI every day, I can tell you, this is a very valuable experience,” said Paul Kam, Senior Costing Advisor. “The workshop is full of great ideas and John is an inspiring speaker.”

“Excellent!” added Rama Vinnakota. “Spend a day or two with John, it’s worth every second.”

British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) is headquartered in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  BCTC manages 18,000 km of high-voltage power lines, underground and submarine cables, 20,500 steel towers, 75,000 wood poles, and 287 substations throughout B.C.

BC Hydro is one of North America's leading providers of clean, renewable energy, and the largest electric utility in British Columbia, serving approximately 95 per cent of the province's population and 1.7 million customers.