In my workshops, I talk a lot about thinking.


Because it’s a highly underrated activity in most organizations.


That’s right. Most organizations do not encourage their employees to think.

Rather, there’s a pervasive (or is it perverse?) mentality smogging the air at most every office building in the land. It whines: “keep your nose to the grindstone (ouch) and get your job done and when you’re finished with that there’s more waiting and never ever leave early or stare out the window because people will think you’re being unproductive”.

What a shame.

Your organization is missing out on the very reason they hired you. Because you’re you and you’re not the other person. They hired you because you Think Different in a way the other job candidate couldn’t quite muster.

As a kid, I was an excellent stare-out-the-window student. My teacher would be at the chalkboard mumbling on about something or other, and I’d be happily, dreamily, staring out the window at the bright red Cardinal on the willow branch.

Waste of time? No way!

The funny thing is, our brains love it when we don’t try to think. That’s exactly when our gray matter will kick in and do its thinking thing. Learn more about that here.

Try it. The next time you take a five-hour drive, turn off your iPod or your iPhone. Turn off your radio, or your book on CD. And for godsake, turn off your cell phone. And just think.

The next time you take a four-hour plane trip, skip the magazines, avoid the headphones, just sit. Stare at nothingness. Let your mind wander.


For many people this is scary. The lack of distraction is uncomfortable. But try it. You might surprise yourself at how brilliant you really are.

Just a thought.


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