Houston’s innovative research and benchmarking organization, American Productivity and Quality Center recently hosted another in a series of full-day business writing workshops for its staff of researcher and business analysts.

APQC provides analysis and research on business and social trends for companies and governments around the world. Their researchers and analysts rely on clear communications to communicates complex topics and detailed analyses so companies can use the knowledge to improve their operations and plan their business strategies.

APQC Senior Economic Analyst Monica Taylor said, “I was reminded about the importance of questioning the purpose of why I write.. This workshop teaches how to think. John offers valuable insight on business communications and specifics about how to improve the way I communicate.”

Marketing Analyst Laura Reed said, “The first email I sent after the workshop was to a customer. Instead of sending her our template covering the features of our study, I wrote her a personal letter describing the benefits of the study we’d done for her company. She thanked me! That was very unusual, but just what we both wanted!”

Sergi Bruin said, “I found value in reframing the purpose of why I write…the workshop is a fun and exciting learning experience with immediate actionable take-aways.”

About APQC
Headquartered in Houston, APQC (www.apqc.org) is a non-profit business research center founded by Jack Grayson. For 30 years, APQC has been working with business, healthcare, and government to help these sectors restructure and improve. Today APQC's 80 employees conduct research, offer training, provide technical assistance, and publish reports on productivity, quality, benchmarking, knowledge management, and other areas of expertise.

The Writing Workshop provides onsite business writing training and communication skills training to organizations worldwide.