Your comfortable rut.

I’ll bet you like your desk. Your chair. The framed pictures on your bookcase. Even the dusty Ficus tree in the corner.

Yup, there’s a good chance you like your job. Your funny coworkers. Casual day every Friday.

You’ve grown accustomed to the way you write your emails. Scan your inbox. Pick a few random emails. Click reply all and type: “I agree.”

You’re at peace with your proposal process. The smooth way you casually cut n’ paste the boilerplate text into your company’s template. Then put a price on the last page.

Yes, life is good. You efficiently move tasks off your desk throughout the day. Then stretch, yawn, and head home. Along the very same route you take every evening.

Heck, you probably say the very same things to the very same people headed to the very same parking garage each day at 4:49. “See ya Ed. Have a good one!”

Yup. The comfortable rut. Can’t live without it.
Problem is, you can’t live with it either.

Your comfortable rut compels you to stagnate. You know, get all slimy and smelly. Eeewww.
And then, you periodically spew bubbles of effluent and let them drift away in the breeze down your office corridor.

Oh, you don’t call it spew. That’s nasty.

No, you give your emissions official names. Status report. Formal Proposal. A.C.E., PHIP, work schedule, meeting agenda, project update….yuck.

And you store that discharge in vats called Repositories and C Drives. Mainly so you don’t have to look at it every day.

Because, in your heart, you know The Truth: Nobody wants to read that stuff!
Heck, even you don’t want to read your own stuff!

How many of you read your own writing and feel thrilled? Let’s see that’s…. 1, 2, 3….5 of you!

So, how do you leap from your own comfortable rut?
First, look up!

My pal Sam Harrison will show you hundreds of ways to spot ideas and new perspectives simply by looking at the world around you – with a fresh eye.

Then, change your behavior!

My friend Thiagi will lift you out of your rut by helping you see how games are serious business, and how your world is ripe with opportunities for collaboration.

Make a commitment today. Rise up from your own comfortable rut.

Hell yeah, it’s scary.
Can’t do it alone? Look for inspiration from those outside your field.

Are you an engineer? Cool. You’ll find new ideas about systems at the ballet.

You’re a finance whiz? Great! Buy the biggest Lego set you can find and seek balance.

What? You’re a marketing pro? Sit in the dark and look over the shoulder of a C++ programmer.

Outside your comfort zone? Perfect. You’re one leg up, buddy.
Now, take a deep breath. See? The air smells fresher already!

“Every noble work is at first impossible.”
- Thomas Carlyle




Things we like.

Are you terrified at the thought of escaping from your comfortable rut and writing exquisite business prose? Knees knocking and teeth chattering as you contemplate writing that next report like the true genius you are, rather than a mindless corporate drone?
Fear not!
Here’s a fast and easy way to generate corporate-speak with a few keystrokes and a mouse click: Generator

Things to ponder.

Writers write. They don’t sit around thinking about writing. That’s as true for a novelist as it is for you. The business writer. Yes, you’re a professional writer. Here’s a handy tool to help kick-start your next report.