Bank of The West recently hosted a full-day Business Writing Workshop at its Fresno, CA Headquarters. Bank of the West began 130 years ago among early ranchers and farmers on the California frontier. The bank now has over $56 billion in assets, and locations in 19 states.

Today, Bank of The West analysts are expected to write clear and persuasive loan requests and thorough analyses of their banking transactions. That’s exactly why Bank of The West Executive Vice President Curt Covington called on John Sturtevant to conduct the full-day workshop.

“John delivers a highly-energized approach with new ideas about how we communicate.” said Senior Account Manager Trevor Svoboda. “His Transparent Writing exercise was brilliant!”

Betty Mozdir agreed. “John has lots of fresh ideas about getting my message across. The workshop is informative, exceptionally well-taught.”

“This is a great course that showed me how to be clear with my ideas.,” said Agricultural Analyst Tyler Rath. “I got great value from learning to understand my reader. Plus the skills I learned apply to all areas of communication.”

Account Manager Lorenzo Bolanos said “The workshop is enlightening. I realized the importance of communicating my ideas by being clear in my thinking and writing. John’s lesson on question-asking was especially powerful.”

John Sturtevant teaches financial professionals how to organize their ideas and communicate clearly and persuasively in writing. To learn more, contact John Sturtevant at 713-861-9992 or by email.