California-based Bank of The West recently hosted a full-day Business Writing Workshop for senior managers at its Fresno, California headquarters.
The management team is primarily responsible for Bank of The West’s agricultural banking activities. The bank supports the agribusiness community through financing for  crop production, Farm equipment, Permanent crop development, Herd and feed, loans and lines of credit to support inventory expansion, and crop/hail coverage.

“This is the best writing workshop I’ve ever attended,” said Senior Financial Analyst Maria Tan. “John taught be how to be an active writer, and get my ideas across without the business jargon I’d been using for years.”

“Interactive, informative, and very helpful. I was engaged for the full day,” said Jay R. Dibble, Regional Vice President.

“This is a great class…I recommend it to anyone in our business!” added Credit Analyst Joanne Samache. “I will definitely use the techniques I learned.”

Bank of The West is one of the top 25 commercial banks in the nation, with assets of more than $63 billion. The bank serves more than 4 million  customers in 19 Western and Midwestern states.. The bank is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, one of only four banks globally now rated AA+ or stronger by Standard & Poor's.