CHCA children’s hospitals represent more than 20,000 physicians, 100,000 employees, $14 billion in revenue and $1.8 billion in overall medical, surgical and pharmaceutical products. 

CHCA’s Claudia Mills said the extent of their service offerings and complexity of the healthcare profession requires that CHCA’s analysts, researchers, and administrative staff must be able to communicate complex ideas clearly and persuasively. “When I read through John’s website, I knew he had the right approach for us. And when I watched his video clips, I saw he had a delightful presentation style too!”

“I have highly recommended John as a speaker for other CHCA forums,” said Kim Lewallen, who manages CHCA’s executive programs. “His ideas and techniques go far beyond writing topics, they are relevant for strategic planning, marketing, human resources, customer services…he reaches a broad spectrum of the business.”

“This was excellent!” commented Monique Trojacelc, CHCA’s Solution Manager. “John has great ideas and examples…and he presents them in a way that makes them easy to remember and use.”

Christie Walsh, LMS Director said, “Very informative and fun…makes me realize how the ways to write that I learned in high school and college don’t work in the business world.”

Child Health Corporation of America provides a range of programs and services designed to improve the performance of children’s hospitals. CHCA programs help reduce hospital costs, increase revenue, strengthen the competitive position of children’s hospitals, and improve the quality of care for children. CHCA Owner Hospitals are widely known for their excellence.
Through CHCA, Owner Hospitals have access to a range of member forums and services including quality measurement and improvement programs, research and development, group purchasing services, insurance services, education, training, and market intelligence.