The City of Houston’s airport operations division, known as Houston Airport System, has contracted The Writing Workshop to run a series of full-day persuasive-writing workshops during 2008.

Based at Houston Intercontinental Airport, Houston Airport System (HAS) employs more than 1600 workers who run the city’s three airports.

HAS hired The Writing Workshop to give airport staff the skills to think clearly and write persuasively. Participants represent all areas of HAS operations, from the airport superintendent’s office, to mechanics, financial analysts, and administrative staff.

“I really respect the HAS approach to training,” says Sturtevant. “Training Director Stephen White recognizes the value of including people from all departments throughout the organization. I might have five or six guys who turn wrenches all day sitting beside a handful of executives in suits. The beauty is, both groups bring an incredible amount of insight combined with a raw desire to learn. The exchange of ideas that happens between them is inspiring.”

“It’s a great class with a great instructor,” says Chad Windsor, HAS Facilities Inspector. “John is very informative, he taught me to really look at how other people will read what I write.”

“John has a fresh style of teaching,” says Mickey Solomon, Management Analyst. “This training gave me the ability to focus and simplify my writing.”

“This workshop taught me a simple approach to making my writing clear. I’m going to use what I learned this very day!” says Jacqueline Pruitt, Contract Compliance Supervisor.

Houston Airport System is the fourth-largest airport system in the United States and the sixth-largest in the world. Considered a primary gateway to Latin America, HAS supports over 151,000 regional jobs and contributes over $24 billion to the local economy. HAS does not use local tax dollars and is entirely self-supporting through user fees and lease agreements

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