Houston-based Continental Carbon recently dedicated its staff to a full day of training in clear thinking and persuasive writing skills.

“Effective writing is an important skill,” said Continental Carbon President and CEO Kim K. T. Pan. “Unfortunately, most people are not taught how to think and write effectively. I was pleased to find in John Sturtevant a resource that’s both insightful and practical.”

“It was extremely entertaining,” said Tamela Smith. “John keeps your attention throughout the entire day. You’ll leave wondering how in the world you learned so much and still had fun!”

Tom Carrol, Continental Carbon’s CFO thought workshop provided excellent insight on how to get a message across and communicate clearly. “I learned to think less about the mechanics of writing,” he said, “and focus instead on how to best deliver a powerful and effective message to my readers.”

“John taught me that writing is not about the words, it is about the ideas,” said financial analyst Cindy Wei. “Plus he taught us how to write better by planning firsst. It seems obvious, but that’s something a lot of us never do correctly.”

“This program is highly entertaining and engaging!” said Corinne Sandoval. “I discovered that writing can be fun, and that it’s about communicating clearly not about boring grammar exercises.”

“This was an enlightening program…far more enjoyable than I remotely anticipated a writing course could be.” Said Todd Miller Corporate Director of Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs.

“I think the most valuable thing I learned was to write with a human quality,” said Mark Mills, Senior Financial Analyst. “I am now going to learn more about my audience, and plan before I write. That’s great stuff for me.”

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended,” said Continental’s Purchasing Agent Michael Ingram. “I learned three important things…think before I write…know my reader…and tell a compelling story. I’ll definitely use what I learned.”
“John was a very engaging leader, said Lena Sullivan, “he is enlightening and offers practical ideas for anyone in business. I especially liked how he described outlining…it practically writes itself after that!”

“This is a fascinating, attention-grabbing working that taught me how clear simple writing can be.” Said Katherine Rangel.

“Awesome…fun!…wonderful…productive way to spend the day!” said Cathy Merriott. “You’ll learn many practical skills you can start using right away.”

“This workshop will help all business people improve their communications…whether they’re technical or non-technical,” said Director of Engineering Donnie Magnum. “John’s approach teaches the importance of knowing the reader and writing accordingly. I particularly liked his ideas about planning and outlining…things I’d been taught in school but never really knew how to do.”

“It was funny, lively and useful,” said Chemist Randy Locke. “The best seminar I have ever attended. “I’m going to turn off my monitor when I write!”

Continental Carbon is a world leader in the development of furnace grade carbon blacks used in tires and other applications.

John Sturtevant provides onsite business writing workshops and communication skills training to organizations worldwide.