After decades as a marketing and Public Relation pro, Curley & Pynn CEO Roger Pynn still values a fresh new perspective on what it means to communicate clearly and persuasively. “The Writing Workshop brought us refreshing out-of-the-box thinking,” said Pynn. “If you like what Apple makes, you’ll love John Sturtevant. He’s the iPhone of trainers!”

“John gave us so much more than just writing training,” said communication specialist Ashley Pinder. “He uses funny stories, real life examples, and practical advice that clearly applies to my work. This is a day full insights on thinking and planning.”

“The biggest value for me was validation for the thinking process we follow in developing our communication strategies, combined with practical ways to organize and apply those ideas when we communicate,” said Curley & Pynn Partner Dan Ward.

C&P Strategist Kelly King added, “I agree, John delivers a strategy for clear communication. He encouraged me to look at how I think, and most importantly, how my readers think.”

Kimberly Taylor, C&P Firm Administrator echoed Roger’s iPhone comment. “This was so much more than a writing workshop,” she said. “It was a thinking, planning, writing,  revising workshop – all delivered in a thoughtful, engaging, and funny style. And I’m definitely going to look for opportunities to get stuck in traffic!” Invite John Sturtevant in to your company, you’ll find out what I mean.”

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