Thirty communications professionals from Oklahoma City based Devon Energy Corporation recently gathered in Denver for a three-day off-site planning session, which included a half-day business writing workshop.

Vince White, VP Communications and Investor Relations first heard John Sturtevant speak at the 2005 NIRI Southwest Conference in New Orleans, and the ideas he learned stuck with him. White invited John to present a longer session at the off-site.

“John is entertaining, funny, very informative,” said White. “He has a great perspective on what’s important in writing.”

Devon’s Supervisor of Internal Communications & Community Investment, Nadine Pettman said, “This was valuable time spent…it will pay off exponentially in time save and increased quality of communication. John pushed me to break the habits that have become so ingrained in my writing and my communication style in general.”

Communication Specialist, Alesha Leemaster agreed. “John’s tips and techniques are great for the sales writing and proposals I do.”

“Skip the jargon and start writing like a real person…how simple a concept, yet one that is so often not used in business,” said Amanda Pendergrass, a Public Affairs writer. “The workshop is full of practical and easy-to-use ideas about how to become a better communicator.”

Devon Energy Corporation has approximately 5,000 employees worldwide. The Company is one of the world's leading independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, and one of North America's largest processors of natural gas liquids. They produce oil and natural gas in select areas around the world.

About 88 percent of Devon's production is from North America. The company's production mix is about 60 percent natural gas and 40 percent oil and natural gas liquids, such as propane, butane and ethane. Devon produces over 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas each day, about 3 percent of all the gas consumed in North America.

John Sturtevant provides onsite business writing training and communication skills training to organizations worldwide.