Doe & Ingalls recently hosted a full-day business writing workshop for its staff at the company’s Raleigh NC offices. Doe & Ingalls provides chemical services and products to the biotechnology and electronic industries. Attendees came from all areas in the company’s operations around the country.

“John gave us great examples of the ambiguity of the English language,” said Dwayne Geidel, Customer Service Manger. “I liked his idea about understanding my reader’s perspective and asking insightful questions.”

“Keep things simple!” added John Simoneau, Sales Manager. “I learn a lot of skills I’ll start using tomorrow. It was a great use of my workday to learn to present my ideas effectively.”

Gary Thurner, Sales Representative, added “John gave us real world examples I can use in my daily business writing. I’ll start paying attention to what I want my reader to learn. I already see how to use that with my customers.”

“It was a confidence booster!” said Teena Mace, Sales Manager. “John’s ideas about being honest and clear rang so true to me. I now feel like I can say what I want to say clearly, without sounding stiff and formal.”

Doe & Ingalls of North Carolina specializes in providing chemical services, expertise and high-quality chemicals to the biotechnology and electronic industries. With a reliable supply of the chemicals, years of experience, and deep industry knowledge, Doe and Ingalls helps their customers build a secure chemical supply chain.