Flour Corporation recently hosted John Sturtevant for a two-day session at the company’s Greenville, SC facility. Nearly fifty technical professionals attended the workshop, where they learned to think analytically, structure a logical outline, and form a persuasive argument.

Nearly everything these Fluor employees write is an argument – a document designed to convince someone to think or do something differently. It may be to approve a budget, change a process, or support a project. Other times, it may be to simply understand a topic in a new way.

Fluor recognized that technical professionals, while knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, tend to be pragmatic, and linear in their thinking, it’s often difficult for them to look at their topic objectively, or from their reader’s point of view. During the workshop, attendees participated in brainstorming and active listening exercises. They also collaborated on problem-solving exercises, and presented their work for peer critiques.

“The exercises were very helpful,” said Joe Moore, Chief Planner, Fluor Power Group. “John’s techniques take the edge off writing a complex report, or a simple email.”

“I found John’s ideas about story-telling particularly helpful,” said Joseph Williams, Project Manager. “In our business, having the ability to tell a compelling business story is essential. John showed me how to use words with intention.”

“I strongly recommend our Site Managers send their teams to this workshop,” said Peter Pinfold, Senior Project Engineer. “The principles are sound, and the instructor offered very useful examples.”

“The spiritual rebirth of clear communication!,” said Matt Rogers. “This workshop was incredibly valuable. I recommend it to anyone who wants to finally say what they mean in writing.”

Fluor is a FORTUNE 500 company that delivers engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance (EPCM), and project management services to governments and clients in diverse industries around the world. Clients value Fluor's dependability, expertise, and safety to execute complex projects around the world.