John Sturtevant recently presented another in a series of 2-day clear communication workshops for a group of engineers at Fluor’s Houston office.

Participants included nearly 50 project engineers from throughout Fluor’s operations.
These technical professionals are required to write detailed documentation on a wide variety of complex subjects. Most often, their readers don’t understand the topic with the same depth as the writer has.

Being able to convey complex ideas clearly, while showing the benefits to the reader, is an essential skill for these technical professionals.
“John does an outstanding job of retraining the mind to look at communication in a more productive way,” said Jason Turner, HSE lead. “His approach is clear, simple, and concise.”

“This was a well-spent two days,” said Jim Blanchard, Fluor Project Information Manager. “It gave me an exposure to excellent tools and techniques for making my writing clear, concise, and targeted to my audience.”

“This is a must-have workshop,” said Ray Rodriquez, Process Specialty Engineer.. “The sooner you receive this training, the better your career will be!”

“I learned how give my readers the knowledge they’re looking for,” added Wayne Kanemitsu, Electrical Engineer. “This workshop should be mandatory for all the people here who never get to the point.!”

“John’s method is clear, his teaching style is engaging,” said Joseph Swenson, Project Engineer. “The content John covers applies to more than just writing. It’s valuable to any kind of communication.”

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