Engineers at the Fluor Corporation are a highly analytical bunch.  They want to quantify what they learn, and they expect a return on their investment of time.

That’s just what they got during their full-day Clear Communication Workshop.

“This workshop is exceptionally valuable and very relevant to the kind of business writing we do,” said Opal Clemons, a Fluor Lead Project Manager.

For other Fluor engineers, The Writing Workshop reached even farther. “This was a really fun learning experience,” said Tawanya James, a Fluor Process Engineer. “But more importantly, the concepts make a lot of sense for the kind of work I do. If only everyone I work with could take this training, our world would be a better place!”

Gary Diamond agrees. “This workshop made me more aware of how I create my messages. Now I know how to eliminate the clutter and give the reader what he needs to know.”

John Sturtevant's full-day Clear Communication Workshop teaches business people how to think analytically and write clearly and persuasively.

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