Global Business Exchange recently invited John Sturtevant to present another series of full-day Clear Writing Workshops in Singapore.

This five-workshop series brought together one hundred and twenty management professionals from throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Participants came from a wide range of companies including Walt Disney, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Starcom Media, Volvo Asia, and Raffles Hotels.

“John gave us real-life example scenarios that made the concepts stick,” said Winnie Tay, Programming Coordinator at Walt Disney.

“This course offers great writing tools and ideas I can apply to my work,” said Irene Ng, Marketing Manager at Great Eastern Financial. “it’s a refreshing new perspective that will change the way you think and write.”

“I like John’s teaching about giving my readers context, relevance, and meaning,” added Wilson Tan, Senior Marketing Manager at Singapore Airlines. “Especially the idea of thinking about my topic and being three-dimensional, with many perspectives. I will start using that concept immediately.”

Hian Goh from the Asian Food Channel said, “This workshop gives a structure for clear thinking and writing. John has a lot of great concepts supported by practical advice, lessons, and exercises.”

“John has a wealth of relevant knowledge with just the right amount of interaction among participants,” said Eric Lim Division Manager at JTC Industrial Real Estate. “He used interesting stories, and business-case examples to augment the training.”

The Global Business Exchange delivers best in class learning and professional development for business leaders throughout Asia.