John Sturtevant recently led a full-day Business Writing Seminar for a group of Houston business leaders. This full-day public seminar attracted two dozen professionals from Houston’s business community including Swift Energy, Wood Group, Agility Logistics, Sunoco, and Quanta Services.

“This is an excellent class,” said Cynthia Keo, AP Manager at Swift Energy. “John taught me how to identify what my reader wants to know, and how to communicate that in human terms.”

Dee Singh, CIO at Wood Group said “I learned how to sell my ideas by focussing on reader benefits and eliminating clutter.”

“This was a great presentation!” said Diana Davila, Director of O&G Projects at Agility Logistics. “The concepts John taught made me think about writing in a new way, with techniques I can really use.”

“I can now focus and organize before I write.” said Michael Thornton, R&D Engineer at Sunoco. “John’s interactive exercises are fun and really helped me apply what I learned.”

John Sturtevant presents Business Writing Seminars throughout the world. His next Business Writing Seminar in Houston will be January 13, 2011. Learn more and register here: