John Sturtevant will lead another full-day presentation skills workshop in Singapore for a group of business leaders.

The training event, called Speak Like You Mean It, was organized for the Global Business Exchange, one of Singapore’s most respected management training organizations.

This full-day workshop is the third in a series of workshops Sturtevant is delivering in Asia. The sessions bring together business people from throughout Singapore and Malaysia.

Participants at Sturtevant previous session came from a wide range of companies including Rothschild Private Bank, Starwood Hotels, JTC Corporation, and several Singaporean government agencies.

Participant comments reveal some of the ideas they found most useful:

“It gave me greater clarity on what it takes to communicate well in front of an audience.”

“This workshop gave me the confidence to not emulate other speakers, but to be real and use my insight and experiences to bring out the best.”

“The instructor taught us great PowerPoint techniques, and most importantly, story-telling ideas I will use to engage my audience.”

John Sturtevant is also presenting a series of 2-day Business Writing Seminars in Singapore in October.

The Global Business Exchange delivers best in class learning and professional development for business leaders throughout Asia.