Managers from Marathon Oil recently participated in a full-day Clear Communication Workshop at their Houston location.

The participants came from Marathon’s Gas Utilization Group, Reservoir & Well Performance Group, and Technology Services.

“This was the best workshop we’ve ever had!” said Systems Analyst Shawn New. “We are too often restricted by word requirements and business jargon. It’s refreshing to think of my writing in this new context.”

“I found tremendous value in the in-depth discussions,” added Technology Services Manager Kaye Kahlich. “John gave me lots of great new idea to help me understand my audience and focus on how to get them to act on my recommendations.”

Bruce Smith Resources Manager, Gas Utilization said “The best value I received from the workshop was understanding the value of not writing for myself, but for my audience, and how to turn my topic into benefits for the reader. This program would be beneficial no matter what discipline or management level you are.”

Marathon Oil is among the world’s leading integrated energy companies. The Company has extensive refining, marketing and transportation operations concentrated in the Midwest, Upper Great Plains, Gulf Coast and Southeast regions of the United States. Marathon ranks as the fifth-largest crude oil refiner in the United States and the largest in the Midwest.

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