Here's a new book that will help you be a better communicator.

I'll start with the call to action. Get this book todayOrder it here.

This is a bit of shameless promotion for my pal, Robert Rosenthal.

Robert was a mentor, teacher, and role model early in my copywriting career.

He's creative, insightful, and most importantly, he knows that successful marketing wins new business for his clients, not just awards for his agency.

He just released an awesome new book that will help you be a better communicator, starting from page one.

Optimarketing: Marketing Optimization to Electrify Your Business


Now, you may be thinking, "But John, I'm not a marketing professional. Why would I read a book on marketing?"

Because you're a communicator - like me. And we're all professional sales people. We strive to sell our ideas all day long.

Here's the definition of sales: I give you something, you give me something.

We're both happy.

And what do we most often ask people to give us? Their most precious asset?

Their time.

And in return, we must give our readers something of greater value.

Robert's book is a series of easy-to-read essays on what it takes to create, test, measure, and refine your message to create results – and value – for your reader. 

Get the paperback edition, or download it to your Kindle. Then give this book a few minutes of your time. You'll be happy you did.



 "From the moment we’re spanked on the ass as newborns, we’re exposed to rules. Marketers deal with them constantly. Today they’re often called 'best practices'. Many have glaring shortcomings. Some no longer apply."
- Robert Rosenthal


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