I just read an article that offered great tips on new web marketing strategies. The writer knows her stuff when it comes to SEO strategies and tactics. But, there is one...little...probably-most-people-wouldn't-even-notice...change I’d make.

It’s in this sentence:

Last week, myself and a few other colleagues attended
the Web Marketing Conference…

Do you spot the error?

It’s the misuse of myself. That’s a mistake many writers make. A common perception is that myself is more formal and gives writing an authoritative tone.

But it’s the wrong use of the pronoun. Don’t use myself when you mean I or me.

You see, myself is like saying alone. For example you might write: "I wrote this great blog post myself." That means, only you did it. Alone.

But when you're talking about you and other people, it's better to use I or me. For example, "John and I wrote this great blog post." Or "A few  colleagues and I attended the conference.." Or "Send the report to my team and me."

So how do you know when to use I or me or myself

It's easy, just take away the other people and see which word you'd use. For example, you'd write: "I attended the conference..." or you'd write, "Send the report to me."

But you wouldn't write: "Me attended the conference" or "Myself attended the conference." And you wouldn't write: "Send the report to I" or "Send the report to myself" (unless you sent a report to you).

Me hope this is useful for you. And myself will keep writing more articles for you!