NATCO recently hosted a full-day Business Writing Boot Camp for engineers and support staff at its Houston office.

The engineers who attended specialize in designing equipment used in onshore and offshore oil and gas production.

“This workshop will improve your writing skills and show you new ways to think differently about communication.” Said Mohammed Altaf Khan, Product Engineer.

“This is a very useful workshop,” said Engineer Larry Chen. “It’s good for technical people who want to learn to write clearly about complex topics.”

“Time is precious, but this is definitely worth attending,” said Andres Serrano, Project Manager. “I learned new writing techniques and a new approach to communicating clearly.”

“This workshop opened my eyes!” added Michael Lam, Product Engineer. “I learned to pay attention to what my reader goes through. It was a very informative and entertaining experience!”

David Street, a Senior Process Engineer agrees. “The workshop is entertaining and relevant. John uses real-life scenarios to effectively illustrate concepts. A great use of my time.”

“Wonderful!” said Sarah Aguilar, Proposal Specialist. “Everyone from the CEO to the receptionist should take this workshop. John teaches new writing techniques, and more importantly, new ideas about clear, logical thinking.”

NATCO is a division of Schlumberger, and a leading provider of wellhead process equipment, systems and services used in the production of oil and gas. NATCO has designed, manufactured and marketed production equipment and services for more than 75 years. NATCO production equipment is used onshore and offshore in most major oil and gas producing regions of the world. NATCO continues to originate and patent many of the processes that produce salable oil and gas, and remains the unqualified technological leader in the field.