The Ontario College of Teachers recently enrolled thirty of their management staff in John Sturtevant’s Business Writing Seminar at the College’s Toronto Canada campus.

John presented his four-hour business-writing seminar that teaches critical elements of analytical thinking and persuasive writing.

“John’s session was entertaining, enlightening, and practical,” said Brian Jameison, Senior Communications Officer. “Like a sharp jab in the ribs that reminds you that you are breathing and never take that for granted, John’s Seminar awakens you to the writing essentials that all too often get lost in our complex business world.”

Jan Crombie, Policy Analyst for the College said, “John shared lots of great ideas and new ways of thinking about writing.”

External Relations Officer, Kathy Anstett added, “I loved John’s ideas about getting to know my readers, especially his idea that my readers give meaning to my words, not me.”

The Ontario College of Teachers was established in 1997 to allow teachers to regulate and govern their own profession in the public interest. Teachers who want to work in publicly funded schools in Ontario must be certified to teach in the province and be members of the College.

The College is governed by a 37-member council elected by their peers and  appointed by the provincial government.

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