John Sturtevant recently led a series of clear writing workshops for Pacific Gas & Electric at the company’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

Over 125 employees from throughout the plant attended the workshops, including staff from operations, engineering, maintenance, design, and planning. And 99% of participants reported the workshop exceeded their expectations.

One staffer from Engineering Tech Support said, “John covered the topics well with strong emphasis on the areas we need to focus on…very good involvement that made the content relevant.”

“The material was very relevant,” said Jose Medina, Engineering Designer. “I’ll use the concepts and techniques immediately on the job.”

“John was enthusiastic and animated, that kept us engaged all day,” said another Engineering Designer. “He elaborated on his ideas with engaging stories and real life examples.”

“Very effective presentation ,” said one Process Engineer. “John really made me re-think about how I communicate every day. I have a new perspective and new ways to get to the point.”

Another Systems Engineer added “Bringing an expert to see our challenges with fresh eyes was an excellent choice. This training presented fresh ideas and new techniques. One of the best training sessions I’ve attended in my twenty-five plus years with PG&E.”

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Diablo Canyon Power Plant, located in San Luis Obispo County, provides electricity for more than 2 million northern and central Californians from its two 1,100 megawatt units. Since beginning commercial operation in 1985, Diablo Canyon has been one of the safest and most efficient nuclear power plants in the nation. The plant consistently receives high safety ratings from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as high safety and performance ratings from the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. Over its lifetime, Diablo Canyon has been up and running more than 80 percent of the time, compared with the national average of 70 percent for the nuclear industry. Pacific Gas and Electric Company is working to make Diablo Canyon a valuable and dependable part of California's energy mix, and a benefit to the Central Coast for the long term.