A team of senior employees at global drilling contractor Pride International recently learned the value of sliced tomatoes in business writing.

Pride International manages oil and gas drilling operations in twenty-two countries around the world. And its managers rely on clear communications between its sites to keep the operations running efficiently around the clock worldwide.

“In this business, most of our critical communication is written, rather than spoken face-to-face,” said Diane Hallmark, training manager in Pride’s Houston headquarters. “That’s why I think The Writing Workshop’s clear writing approach is worth taking to our executive level.”

Pride’s Fleet Asset Manager, Terry Daniel, added, “John provides an environment that helped me focus on an approach to writing. He taught an objective technique to planning, writing, revising, and editing.”

“John gave me a new perspective,” said Tony Hogg, Director of Subsea Assets. “His workshop taught me an interesting and practical approach to writing. Especially his illustration about perfectly sliced tomatoes.”

The Writing Workshop offers Clear Communication Workshops that teach business people how to think analytically, organize their ideas, and write clearly and persuasively.

Pride International is one of the world’s most active drilling contractors. With more than 7000 employees, Pride provides contract drilling and related services to oil and gas companies worldwide, operating worldwide in over 22 countries.