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John Sturtevant delivers a full-day clear writing workshop for the City of Los Banos, California

The City of Los Banos California is a small, progressive community located in the expansive farmland in California’s Central Valley. Los Banos City Manager Steve Rath invited John Sturtevant to present a full-day workshop because he recognizes that clear communication is an essential skill for city employees.

Rath is an insightful and dedicated community leader who cares deeply about the City’s customers – its citizens. Rath says Los Banos citizens rely on city employees to communicate clearly about often complex or critical issues.

 “This was a well-done training session,” said Rath. “I received very positive comments from my staff.” The forty-five participants from every city department included the Police Chief, police detectives, crime analysts, the Fire Chief, City Clerk, city planners, and city engineers.

“A great workshop!” said Redevelopment Manager Elaine Post. “John’s presents very well…clear visuals, good stories…excellent material and handouts. He reminded me to look at my ideas from various angles before I start writing.”

Crime Analyst Cassie Wolf said she learned three valuable lessons. “Ask more questions when I don’t understand; review my writing before sending it; and listen actively to learn more about my readers.”

“Very interesting,” added City Planner Stacy Souza. “It broadened my perspective on how to write so readers really understand my ideas.”
The City of Los Banos, population 32,380, is situated on the west side of Merced County and is the county’s second largest city. The City is in the center of California, about two hours from San Francisco, Sacramento, and Yosemite National Park