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The U.S. Army Communications and Electronics Command recruits John Sturtevant’s Two-Day Clear Communications Workshop.

John Sturtevant recently delivered a two-day Clear Communications workshop for staff at the US Army base in Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey.

Day one of the workshop focused on analytical thinking and persuasive writing skills. Day two gave participants the confidence and skills they need to develop their own presentation style, create engaging stores, and deliver compelling presentations.

The 35 staffers rated the workshop as “very good to excellent” based on the Army’s rigorous evaluation criteria.

Kathy Clarke, Army Program Analyst said “ The workshop was interactive and though-provoking. I especially liked John’s style and humor. Plus, I’ll definitely use the handbook to reinforce the ideas and skills I learned.”

“A much-needed exposure to tools and tips on speaking and writing” said Jane Watters, Contract Specialist. “The process of change begins with a determined mind!”

“I will apply the presentation techniques John taught us,” said Marissa DeLuca, DoD Logistician. “I feel confident now that I can put together a great presentation!”

Daisy Yavrez, Management Analyst added, “Great material…John taught me so many writing skills that I will use right away at work.”

The US Army base at Fort Monmouth is the center of gravity for the development of the Army's Command and Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Sensors and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. Much of the Army's research and development of these hi-tech systems is done at Fort Monmouth by members of Team C4ISR.