Ken Leonard, External Affairs Manager for Shell Exploration & Production Company wanted the workshop to focus on helping Shell’s writers strengthen their craft by improving simplicity, writing efficiency, and persuasiveness. The team of attendees included top-level managers from North America, Brazil, and Venezuela.

These public affairs professionals have five to twenty years’ experience writing press releases, holding statements, advocacy pieces, and speeches – all with persuasion as a goal.

The Shell team spoke of the challenges they want to overcome: sentences are too long, we delve into too much detail, lack punch, lack of clarity. One manager said; “We take obfuscation to amazing heights!”  Another said, “We often hear from our staff that because everyone one is so busy we don’t have time to write well. Thanks to this workshop,  we now have to tools and skills to work faster and smarter."

Persuasive writing techniques

The full-day Business Writing Course gave the Shell team new concepts and techniques for how to grab the audience, how to promote understanding and improve retention, powerful ways to open and close a speech, and more. 

Thanks for a job well done!” said Ken Leonard. “I’ve seen my writing improved immediately!” reported Evelyn Alcala, a manager at Shell Venezuela. “This was an excellent opportunity to learn a new way to communicate clearly and persuade the reader,” said Vivian Galan. "I recommend this workshop to anyone in business!”

Shell Exploration & Production Company is the largest of Shell’s EP operating units, accounting for about a quarter of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies’ worldwide oil and gas production.

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