Far East Organization, one of Asia’s largest real estate companies called on The Writing Workshop to present a full-day business writing workshop for 120 of its top managers in Singapore.

Far East Organization together with its Hong Kong-based sister company, Sino Group, is one of Asia's largest real estate groups.  Far East Organization and Sino Group have a combined annual turnover of US$5.5billion and total assets valued at over US$40billion.  Together, Far East Organization and Sino Group employ over 13,000 staff worldwide.

“This is an essential workshop for staff who communicate with clients. You’ll learn how to think and how to simplify your ideas to communicate clearly,” said Anna Koh, Assistant Manager of Far East Management.

“This was a wonderful workshop,” added Joy Lim, Far East HR Manager. “I learned through sharing ideas and exercies on how to write with my reader in mind to achieve my purpose. I love John’s story-telling method.”

“I highly recommend this to senior executives and management who may think they already know how to communicate,” said Lee Suk Sian, Manager Group Human Resources. “I was one of those who thought I knew everything about writing! This was an eye-opening experience!”

“For me, the most important lesson was that writing is not about using big words to impress people, it’s about communicating with purpose, tact, and clarity, and using words the reader will understand,” said Susan Tan, Director of Sales, Orchard Parade Hotel.

“John’s material was very interesting…and he’s funny!” said Natalie Lu Senior Marketing Manager. “I was pleasantly surprised…I will always remember to be clear and write in the language my readers will understand.”

“This is a ‘must attend’ workshop for managers in any industry,” said Stella Chia Wan Cheng, Senior Manager at Far East Organization. “You’ll learn how to apply persuasive writing to your business…and to your life!”
Far East Organization is the largest private property developer in Singapore. Its operations span the full spectrum of the real estate market, from residential to hospitality, commercial, retail and industrial sectors. It is also the largest private residential landlord and one of the largest owner-operators of hotels in Singapore. 

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