Effective leaders know how to communicate with compassion and empathy. Traditionally, these traits were considered "soft skills" and not signs of a strong, determined executive.

That Industrial-Age thinking might make powerful bosses, but it won't nurture strong leaders.

Today, as companies are flattening heirarchies, and re-defining what it means to go to work, collaborate, and manage, executives lead their teams with the right blend of humor and humility – rather than hubris.

In this article, Wired described Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s leadership style as “warm, fuzzy, and slightly bonkers.” Nadella is a great example of a leader who exposes his idiosyncrasies, passions, and whims, to show his employees his human side. 

This humanistic approach to leadership builds trust, creates innovative thinking, and encourages accountability.

So think about the parts of your life, experiences, or personality that might surprise or delight your colleagues, and find ways to show them that side of yourself.