John Sturtevant recently led a full-day communication skills workshop in Singapore for a group of financial experts from the Internal Audit division of GIC, the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.

This full-day workshop was designed to give the organization’s internal auditors skills and techniques they need to clearly communicate often difficult and controversial issues to analysts and managers at the organization’s Singapore headquarters.

“Most of the work we do involves communicating about issues people don’t want to hear,” said Philip Yang, Lead Auditor. “We know (our readers) will benefit from our ideas, but we’ve had a tough time getting them to listen to us and follow our advice….their perception is that they’ve done something wrong…they’re getting punished. But that’s not at all what our job is.”

“This was a great day of learning for all of us. John gave us dozens of great ideas and techniques we can use to focus our message and help our co-workers understand how to implement our suggestions.”

GIC is wholly owned by the Government of Singapore, and manages funds on behalf of the Government. The company is one of the largest investment management organizations in the world, with over 1000 people, investing well over US$100 billion in multiple asset classes in more than 40 countries. The Internal Audit Department (IAD) provides an independent and objective appraisal of risk management, control and governance processes within the GIC.