April 1, 2010 – John Sturtevant announced today his company has been called on to conduct a series of Clear Writing Workshops for the US Health and Human Services Communications and Public Affairs Department.

The writing training will take place over the coming eight months at the HHSCPA Department’s Washington DC headquarters.

After they receive their training, the first major project for the Department’s Communications Staff will be to draft a new version of the HR 3590 Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, commonly known as the Health Reform Bill.

“This is a much needed step in a new direction,” said Alec Ferdyshchenko, Managing Director of US Health and Human Services Communications and Public Affairs Department, which has been given responsibility for drafting a new version of the Health Reform Bill.

“There has been much debate among both parties here in Washington, and among business leaders, healthcare professionals, and the public-at-large since the bill passed last week,” said a White House spokesman. “People are basically enraged about the Bill’s complex, verbose, and downright incomprehensible language. I for one, am glad someone is taking action.”

Although the bill is still the subject of debate and revision in terms of specific policy implementation, Mr. Ferdyshchenko said, “The President believes it’s essential that we write the amendments in plain language that every American can understand. And most importantly, in a way that will give Americans the ability to see the value in the bill’s new policies.”

President Obama was reportedly pleased with the decision to enlist the help of The Writing Workshop. In an email received earlier today, President Obama wrote: “When I took office nearly a year and a half ago, we began a new era of change in this country. With your help Mr. Sturtevant, I am confident we will see a dramatic improvement in the way we communicate within our various departments, with all branches of the government, and indeed, with all Americans here and abroad. That is the kind of change I have been fighting for here in Washington. Thank you.”

“I am thrilled,” said John Sturtevant. “This is an exciting opportunity for me to play an active role in helping create the kind of change we need in this country. Plus, it’s a great way for me to celebrate April 1st."