“Everyone should attend this workshop, even if you think you’re a strong writer!”
Misty Staunton
Chief of Staff


"This workshop is an eye-opener you need to experience. It will change the way you think about business communication."

Jay Menon
ISM Manager


“This class is a great way to get insight, tools, and techniques to help you evaluate your objectives, your audience, and your writing style.”

Julie Parker
Project Manager Reporting & Training
Sound Transit


“Excellent workshop. It should be in the core training curriculum for any business.”

Ray Pasillas
Senior BD Specialist


“John is an amazing teacher. He made the course material interesting, relevant, useful, and fun."

Jay McKeown
Geoscience Supervisor
Swift Energy


“This was the best writing course I have ever taken. It’s about so much more than just writing – it's about thinking clearly.”

Kate Lichtenstein
Senior Project Manager
Sound Transit


“One of the best classes I've ever been to. Wonderful. Very informative. John kept the subject fun and the ideas flowing.”

Heidi Christian
Application Specialist III
Anadarko Petroleum


“The best all-day workshop we've had. John challenged us to think about our readers and what we expect to accomplish in our writing. Very powerful and useful ideas."

Jenn Jones
Senior Marketing Associate
Cerulli Associates


"Fantastic experience! Every employee in our U.S. Army Logistics Civil Augmentation Program should be required to take this workshop."

Dan Kyser
LOGCAP Project Control
Fluor Corporation


“John is by far the best teacher we’ve had. He taught us a clear logical process for developing an argument, establishing evidence, and supporting claims. A very valuable course."

Julie Nuse
Acadian Asset Management


“An insightful sesssion on communication. The concepts are applicable to all areas of my life and work."

Chip Lane
Southwestern Energy


“This was a wonderfully interactive class. The combination of stories, activities, writing, workbook, and slides kept the content compelling and understandable.”

Burgandi McCurdy
Management Analyst
King County Housing Authority


“Not what I expected. This workshop felt more like a conversation than a rigid presentation. The discussions were full of practical techniques and examples. A very worthwhile experience."  

Jonathan Farmer
Regional Manager
KSA Engineering


“An engaging and enlightening workshop that takes participants well beyond the basics of writing to give them new ways of thinking and techniques for clear communication.”

Theresa Presswood
Executive Director, University Communications
University of Houston Clear Lake


“John provides great tools and techniques for simplfying and focusing my messages, understanding my objectives, and communicating clearly."

Colin O'Beirne
Vice President, Controller
Southwestern Energy


“A great workshop that every executive needs to attend. I especially like the insight that part of our job is to encourage our staff to collaborate effectively. Clear and persuasive writing helps us do that.”

Virak Chhuor
General Manager
J.C. Steele & Sons Asia 


“Extremely helpful, with great ideas and practical examples of how to write with your reader's perspective in mind.”

Joe Tornabene
Assistant Superintendent
Commodore Builders


"John's concepts force me to reevaluate the way I write, and focus on my purpose. I will definitely make sure I sound like a human when I communicate!”

Thomas Travis
Process Engineer
Fluor Corporation


“John's workshop gave me a new way of thinking and a practical approach I used to solve a problem I had with a major project.”

Jim Townsend
Writer/Editor, Advancement
University of Houston Clear Lake 


“A valuable class, well worth the time. I received excellent tools to help me write exactly what I mean.”

Brigitte Nwankolo
Senior Housing Specialist
King County Housing Authority


"John’s ideas about context, relevance, and meaning are priceless. I’m going to change my writing process tomorrow morning. Thank you!”

Jane Vaughn
Technical Writing Manager
Fluor Corporation


“Interactive and engaging. You will learn new ways to understand your readers and communicate more effectively. I especially like the argument structure.”

Amanda Finnerty
Director of Internal Operations
Commodore Builders


“John spoke with such clarity, he really made me aware of the patterns I had developed about writing. I'm ready to put into practice the ideas and processes I learned.”

Fazilah Muhammad
Associate Director
KPMG, Singapore


“A high-level communications and presentation workshop, with excellent concepts and tools I can definitely use today!"

Tiffany Fischer
Lease Records Lead
Southwestern Energy


“A very effective way to look at writing from the perspetive of what you want to accomplish, rather than simply what you want to say.“

Emily Sweet
Senior Analyst
Cerulli Associates


“A great perspective on overall communicaton practices, with real-life tools for writing clealry and concisely." 

Dan Neeley
Project Manager
KSA Engineering


“John’s energy and ideas keep the class flowing. You’ll come away with a different approach to writing that will make it effective and active.”

Rob Blanchard
Project Executive
Commodore Builders


“I recommend this class to all Chevron employees. I learned how to structure sentences for clarity, and focus my message."

Jamie Wright
Land Rep


“AWESOME class! This should be a requirement for everyone in our company."

Geri Villanova
Senior Analyst
Spectra Energy


“This training is very practical and easy to apply to your daily life, and at work. One big change I will make is to know more about my readers and adapt my content, rather than send the same to all stakeholders.”

Fiona Wu
Communications Manager
Infineon Shanghai


“John did a great job of getting his message to our audience of engineers. He offers an enlightening way to rethink how and why we communicate every day.”

George Cantin
Project Engineer
Commodore Builders


“Great! Amazing! Awesome! This class gave me new ideas and realistic ways to think about my writing, simplify my ideas, and communicate clearly.”

Trinh Tran
Housing Assistant
King County Housing Authority


“Very eye-opening. I've been stuck in bad habits for seven years, now I finally understand how to communicate clearly!”

Chad Blum
Warehouse Manager
Coors Distributing Company


“John's approach cures business gobbledygook!"

Judy Chase
Cerulli Associates


“A great course to do as a team. You will gain new insights about each other, and how to collaborate more effectively.”

George Mattingly II
Social Media and Communications
University of Houston Clear Lake


“Interactive, enthusastic, enlightening, thought-provoking. This class gave me the ability to clearly outline and organize my thoughts to achieve a specific outcome." 

Michael Mallonee
Senior Planner
KSA Engineering


A high energy approach that will entertain and teach...made me completely rethink my writing from a business perspective.

Kathy Allen
Senior Land Specialist
Anadarko Petroleum


“Very well organized and full of great concepts and best practices for business writing. We should offer this to all employees in every function.”

Stephen Bilger
ALTEC Euipment Manager


“A great workshop with new ways of looking at writing. John's 4-step process will help me plan and write faster.”

John Stegink
Tax Manager
BP America


“The best writing class I have attended. Take John's writing workshop if you are serious about being a good writer!”

John W. Klein
Airport Superintendent
Houston Airport Systems


 “I've seen my writing improve immediately! I've never realized before how powerful my writing can be just by thinking about my reader and giving the right message.”

Evelyn Alcala
Systems Analyst
Shell Oil Company, Venezuela


“John breaks down how we communicate into building blocks to show us what motivates us and why we do certain things certain ways. He used great examples of writing and logic.”

Brendan Powers
Research Analyst
Cerulli Associates


“Your training had such a positive effect on me, I wish I could attend another workshop – I want more!

Kathy French
Marketing Coordinator
Aviles Engineering Corporation


“This was a non-traditional, thought-provoking class with innovative, yet practical lessons for developing and delivering presentations." 

John Poretto
Public Affairs Specialist
Marathon Oil



“John provides ways to view business problems from multiple perspectives, along with excellent tools to improve communication. Well worth a full day of my time." 

Michael Mitchell
Aviation Planner
KSA Engineering


John has a great sense of humor and uses practical examples to reinforce the concepts. I wish all my co-workers would take this course!

Wily Splain
Alyeska Pipeline Services Company


“A smart, systemized approach to writing. John's methods inspire me to be a thoughtful writer. ”

Jake Lanier
Senior Account Coordinator


This class gave me an understanding of business writing from a holistic, philosophical perspective, not mechanics of grammar...a valuable use of my time."

Nick Hagel
SCM Supervisor
Anadarko Petroleum

The workshop is fun, informative, practical and useful. I learned the contrast between poor writing and clear writing. Highly recommended!"

Georgina Huang
Manger, Financial Process Systems
British Columbia Hydro


“A relaxing and fun class full of excellent ideas and techniques that helped me get over the hurdles of writing on the job.”

Kristine Gonzalez
Workers Comp. Adjustor
Houston Metro Transit Authority


“This workshop focuses on business communications...with strategies and techniques that allow me to think about writing in a new way. That's a very good thing!”

Travis Ludwig
Senior GIS Analyst
Potlatch Corporation


“This class showed me how to organize my thoughts and present them in a clear and defined way.”

Greg Foisie
Warehouse Manager
Coors Distributing Company


"Allowed me to step back from my current way of writing and look at the big picture to understand how to change my ways. Very useful and practical."

Patrick Newcomb
Senior Analyst
Cerulli Associates


“Very engaging and directly useful to my job. Also incredibly useful in everyday communications, I now have a new clarity and structure for my communication."

Megan Mulia
Associate Director, Institutes Group
KPMG, Singapore


"Great! Enthusiastic teacher with lots of great ideas. It's wonderful to learn from someone who enjoys their work."

Lindsey Threlkeld
Public Affairs Supervisor


"A well-organized writing workshop that goes beyond writing and teaches you how to think, organize, and put together a convincing argument."

Rachael Guia
Communication Specialist


“This was great! You get practical ways to eliminate passive sentences, structure logical arguments, and look at varioius aspects of effective writing and speaking in business." 

Jeremy Bostock
Senior Engineering Technician
KSA Engineering


“A great hands-on learning experience from someone with intricate knowledge of business writing."

Craig Walters


"Insightful, relevant tools that can be easily implemented in my work...energetic instructor with practical examples. A valuable use of my time."

Kimberly Gemza
PR Director
Cornerstone Home Lending


“This was an extremely valuable guide to business communications. John showed us how to understand our target audience and write with purpose.”

Halley McCarty
Title Analyst II
Anadarko Petroleum


Thank you for releasing me from my “cut and paste” trap and opening the door of freedom to write from my own brain.”

Kathy French
Marketing Coordinator
Aviles Engineering Corporation


“A very informative and helpful workshop for business writing. John did a tremendous job and kept us engaged and active the entire day.”

Adam Bruzzese
Associate Analyst
Cerulli Associates


“This is refreshing, out-of-the-box insight. If you like what Apple makes, you’ll love and learn from John Sturtevant. He is the iPhone of trainers!”

Roger W. Pynn, APR,
President, Curley & Pynn
Public Relations & Marketing Communications


“Very beneficial. John lays out a plan and follows through with practical, real-life examples." 

Tevor Self
Design Engineer
KSA Engineering


John gave us clear and precise concepts with stories and analogies to give us perspective...a great way to hone your communication skills.

Adrielle Stanley
Administrative Assistant
Anadarko Petroleum


"Thanks for sharing your creative genius with us. It's remarkable how you inspire conversation, levity and learning at 8 am with a crowd that’s still sleep-walking!"

Chris Grossgart
Senior Vice President
International Association of Business Communicators


“John is an excellent speaker and is able to engage the class with stories that make his concepts relevant... I highly recommend this to anyone in business. It was a great experience.”

Theresa Li
Senior Engineer
British Columbia Transmission Corporation


“Interactive, informative, and very helpful. I was engaged for the full day.”

Jay R. Dibble
Regional Vice President
Bank of The West


"John has a great skill in speaking to professionals about the back-to-the-basics of writing well!"

Brad Gorma
Communication Specialist
Whirlpool Corporation


“Excellent opportunity to dispel the myths of what is required of a technical document. John's stories and examples showed what it really takes to create effective business communication.”

Chuck Schronick
Project Manager
Exelon Quad Cities Power Station


“Highly entertaining and eye-opening…I’ll be making changes the minute I get back to my office!”

Mark Mundey
Senior Consultant
Pearl Meyer & Partners


“Excellent course, well worth the time...exceeded my expectations!”

Dave Hackney
Business Analyst
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company


“John is a great teacher! He taught us how to focus our ideas and persuade our readers.”

Vivian Galan
Business Analyst
Shell Oil Company, Venezuela


“John is a great story-teller and applies his real-world experiences to teaching how to be a better writer.”

Miles Ransom
Associate Analyst
Cerulli Associates


This workshop will ignight and inspire you with fresh ideas and practical techniques!

Darlene Vicars
Senior Engineering Tech
Anadarko Petroleum


“I learned how to write like a human! John’s workshop is refreshing and inspiring.”

Abella Carroll
Public Affairs Editor
Walt Disney Company


“Thank you for your excellent training...your humor & style are great! ”

John Stellingwerf
Assistant Vice President
Bank of The West


“An enriching experience...new ideas and techniques I can use. John's examples are fantastic.”

Felicia Chukale
Project Manager
Alyeska Pipeline Services Company


“Amazing, informative, and entertaining…with easy-to-apply ideas. John provided great value and inspired me.”

Anastacia Shaw
Graphic Designer
ICW Group


"This workshop will make you think about your writing in a way you never have before and give you new writing skills."

Brian Martin
BP America Production Company


“Fun…interactive...great for any marketer.”

Jill Fix
Promotions & Marketing
Rockwood Clinic


“Informative, easy to understand concepts. The material is great, I'll actually keep the workbook and continue to use it.”

Jack Bevelaqua
Business Analyst
Department of Energy Resources


“It was an invaluable session with great tips I can actually use...and lots of fun!"

Julie Villarreal
Promotions & Marketing
Stages Stores, Inc.


“This is the best writing program I've ever been to. I learned so many new ideas, especially how to avoid being a passive writer. ”

Maria Tan
Senior Financial Analyst
Bank of The West


"Very engaging. Made me look at writing in a new light – that writing is fun!”

Rick Anderson
Claims Manager
USDA Forest Service


"Very insightful, provides a valuable change in perspective...a great wake-up call for my ineffective writing habits. Thank you!”

Helen Daniels
Damon S. Williams Associates


“An excellent workshop that clears the clutter out of writing."

Brett Hagerman
Exelon Quad Cities


“John exceeded my expectations. I dreaded another boring writing class, but John's humor and presentation style made it fun. He gave us new ideas and techniques I can use.”

Meg Lusardi
Financial Analyst
Massachusetts Dept. of Energy Resources


“A great way to look at writing from a fresh perspective. John gave the whole company a common understanding of the need to think before we write.”

Chris Babcock
Sales Manager
Clear2Pay Americas


“Great workshop...in-depth discussions on powerful concepts, and relevant examples applicable to all industries.”

Kaye Kahlich
Technology Services Advisor
Marathon Oil Company


“This was great because it was interactive. I was constantly engaged with the material."

Ferah Ileri
Marketing Coordinator
MacTec Environmental Engineering


“This course applies to all levels of business. John's energy will excite the dormant writers and steer older writers to a better approach.”

F. Scott Davis
Damon S. Williams Associates


"Great job! An excellent investment of my time. I now have a more complete foundation for writing, which I can build on."

Rick Ingram
Engineering Supervisor
BP America Production Company


“Four stars! This is refreshing training and very well planned. I will use what I learned.”

Kim Gachupin
ASC Claims
USDA Forest Service


“John's personality, knowledge, and presentation style are great. Lot's of good interaction with the class, and his real-world examples are excellent, though terrifying!”

Mike Sherman
Business Analyst
Department of Energy Resources


“Very well presented with lots of enthusiasm and great ideas. I'm glad I attended and I'll use what I learned.”

Michael Dean
Environmental Design
Design Alaska Inc.


“Very interesting class. I learned easy ways to write emails, proposals...everything I do."

Ana Guerrero
Financial Analyst
Houston Airport System


“Since taking this course, I view everything I write through new eyes and I know it has improved my communication skill.”

Lanny W. Cusimano
Training Instructor
Exelon Nuclear


“Valuable and fun! John is a great instructor and gave us excellent examples and exercises.”

Brian Hamilton
Sales Manager
Clear2Pay Americas


“A necessary workshop for anyone in business anywhere...very useful techniques for simplifying my message for my readers.”

Gerry Bingham
Business Analyst
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources


“This workshop opened my eyes and thoughts and gave me very good tools to improve my writing skills.”

Randy L. East
Health & Safety
BP Americas Production Company


“This six-hour workshop felt like two hours. I learned a great deal of useful techniques and had fun!”

Nick Lovits
Damon S. Williams Associates


“Very worthwhile. I definitely have more confidence about writing and learned new concepts that will improve my writing.”

Donald Hopkins
Engineering Lead
Design Alaska Inc.


“Great insights from a practical viewpoint…well worth the time.”

Katie Krawczy
Communications & PR
Federal Reserve Bank of New York


“I was ready for a long boring day that dragged me kicking and screaming back to seventh-grade English! Instead, it was invigorating, creative, and motivating. I can't wait to use what I learned!”

Tomika Maniss
Business Analyst
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company


“John simplifies a clear and effective approach to writing with practical and useful guidelines that help eliminate unnecessary processes.”

Kathleen Holmes
Training Manager
Microsoft Corporation


“A fun, interactive session that drives home what is really important in communicating in the business world”

Tracy Guterres
Senior HR Advisor
British Columbia Transmission Corporation


“Great course. John is very knowledgable and uses excellent examples of clear writing.”

Rick Van Horn
Exelon Quad Cities Power Station


“This class will pay many dividends. It's essential for anyone who needs to communicate in business.”

James Scott
Alaska Department of Public Works


“A thoughtful approach to writing that encouraged me to break out of established molds and communicate my ideas completely.”

Michael Washburn
Staff Scientist
MacTec Environmental Engineering


“A great way to improve your writing. I'll definitely use John's transparent writing idea and start using subheads in my reports."

Valerie Murray
BP Americas Production Company


“It's not only about writing, but also how to approach various situations in my life when I need to communicate clearly...thanks!”

William Castro
Sales Manager
Clear2Pay Americas


"This is an excellent workshop that will help you understand how to think and how to communicate your ideas clearly."

Wah Shum
Regional Systems Manager
British Columbia Transmission Corporation


“A great class! Clear ideas, well-presented. John is funny and uses excellent examples.”

Lee Schoen
Project Manager
Alyeska Pipeline Services Company


"Great presentation! Upbeat and challenging...invaluable way to improve my writing skills."

Oran Turner
Work Analyst
Exelon Quad Cities


“Great writing program...fun, entertaining, and packed with valuable resources that made me think.”

Janet Skeen
USDA Forest Service


“Educational and entertaining. The best course I've ever taken!”

Felipe Avila
Public Safety
Houston Airport System


“John's emphasis is on more than just writing, but all communication. I learned techniques to help me focus on my audience and my goals.”

Carlos De Leon
Damon S. Williams Associates


“I feel better about myself! I have more confidence about thinking and writing.”

Inna Makarova
Senior SSR
Houston Airport System


“A great learning experience that makes perfect sense. If only everyone I work with could take this course, the world would be a better place!”

Tawanya James
Process Engineer
Fluor Corporation


“Exceptional! I'll using the outline method, and turn off my monitor when I write!”

MaeBeth Tappin
Health & Safety
BP Americas Production Company


“Valuable insight into the process of planning and brainstorming prior to writing.”

Peter Hall
Strategic Environmental Management


“A different perspective about how to make my writing work for me.”

Cynthia Zabolzadeh
Financial Analyst
USDA Forest Service


“Energizing, entertaining, and educational – makes you really think. The best way for adults to learn!”

Darcy Buelow
Internal Communications
American Transmission Company


“Informative, insightful and entertaining...John used relevant stories that brought the material close to home.”

Erin Hallmark
Senior Writer
Tahitian Noni International


“A fresh approach to a necessary skill. Great presentation style, with good examples and practical techniques.”

Judy Moglia
Product Manager
Playtex Products Research


“This is an entertaining and informative workshop. John is engaging, active, and funny...with lots of ideas on writing with clarity and simplicity.”

Julie Bliss


“A breath of relief that everything I learned in high school is not what it takes to be a good writer...now I finally know how to do it!"

Annette McLean
Industrial Hygienist
MacTec Environmental Engineering


“I liked John's enthusiasm for the subject. He uses excellent references and examples.”

Robert Tenny
Playtex Products Research


“Funny...fast moving...very clear...lots of great, practical ideas.”

Carolyn Stall
Brown & Brown CPAs


“Great speaker! Very insightful...with new ways to think about what we do. You will definitely learn how to be a better writer.”

Angela Gance
Blue Cross Blue Shield


“Excellent course...well worth the time. John taught me to use my reader’s language to communicate my ideas.”

Denise Wright
HR Advisor
Stages Stores, Inc.


“I loved it! Very valuable...with tools and techniques you can apply immediately.”

Ashley Hunt
Communications Writer
Caterpillar Inc.


“This is an eye-opening course that provides valuable insight on writing and thinking skills. The material is very thought-provoking.”

Bryan Hart
External Quality Assurance
USDA Forest Service


“Great course! John is a very good presenter. He engaged with the group on a personal level and made excellent use of real examples.”

Keith McAfee
Account Manager
Clear2Pay Americas


“The workshop was fantastic! I like the methods and ideas you taught us...very practical.”

Delia Dietz
Proposals & Marketing Group
COMSYS IT Partners


"Without a doubt, the most useful CPE course I have ever taken.”

Lou Amitrano, Jr.
Messina & Co. CPAs


"This workshop focused on the real application of communication in English, and gave us the tools to be successful writers."

Jeremyh Bries
Senior Operations Instructor
Exelon Quad Cities


“A very practical workshop that will help people improve their writing skills immediately.”

Sherwin Yan, MD, MS
Senior Manager, Product Safety
Playtex Products, Inc.


“Very, very good...should be given by all companies whose employees’ writing affects their business.”

Barbara Capun
Senior Partner
Brown & Brown CPAs


“A breath of fresh air!”

Tracey Rhoades
Director, Editorial Services
Rice University Office of Public Affairs


“A highly informative, enlightening, and entertaining experience...John exceeded my expectations. Fun while learning – what more can you ask for?”

Susan Gramatges
Chief Operating Officer
Pierpont Communications


“John obviously knows his stuff...and he doesn’t hold any punches!”

Letitia Wentworth
Aegon Insurance Group


“This guy is great...bring him back next year!”

Sandra Allm
BNSF Credit Union


“John took what could have been a dry subject and held my interest with his excellent presentation skills & techniques I can actually use!”

Leda Celaya
Program Manager
Aramco Technical Services


“This is exactly what I was looking for.”

Larry Smalley
Training Director
Klotz Engineering


“Right on target...John taught us a new way of thinking and a new approach to how we write.”

Ralph Kirkland
Director, Training & Development
COMSYS IT Partners


“I had a great time and 3 concepts stick in my mind: be clear, story telling, and benefits. I like your teaching style!”

Dr. Nellie Grose
Medical Director
The Center for Health & Healing


“It was excellent! Your program was very well-received and our members found your information very beneficial.”

Steve Gibbs
Education Director
Texas Credit Union League


“The format allowed us to share ideas and learn from each other…I loved the focus on clear communication rather than just writing words.”

Melinda Rogers
AEGON Insurance Group


“A very clever workshop that taught me a new way to think and a better way to communicate my ideas.”

Amy Jackson
Training & Development
COMSYS IT Partners



“An interactive, thought-provoking workshop. I will definitely use the ideas and techniques I learned.”

Kathy Clark
Program Analyst
Department of the Army


“Great stories and clear examples. I wish our top management could attend!”

Shirley Tong
Account Manager
Far East Organization, Singapore



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