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Clear Business Writing

Focus your ideas, eliminate wordiness, and inspire your readers.


Business Writing Workshop Participants

“The best writing class I’ve ever been to. Very informative. John kept the subject fun, and the ideas flowing.”
John Klein, Airport Superintendent
Houston Airport System

Information is plentiful in your organization, but how you communicate that information is critical. You must turn information into knowledge to help your managers, colleagues, and customers understand often complex ideas, and make educated decisions.

Our business writing workshops are energetic, fun, challenging, and thought-provoking sessions packed with new ideas and practical techniques – all designed to give you the confidence to master what people struggle with the most – how to think clearly and write what you mean.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Apply analytical-thinking techniques to assess key issues and decision points
  • Define and identify audience perceptions and expectations
  • Create and structure logical, persuasive, and clearly-organized documents
  • Recognize, consider, and effectively address opposing points of view
  • Assess and measure the effects of your writing


Learn to structure a logical argument.

You will collaborate on problem-solving exercises, write and revise assignments, and learn from others through peer critiques.

In business, you most often write to convince others to do something – approve a budget, change a process, support a project, and dozens of other kinds of decisions. You’ll learn how to think analytically and form a logical, persuasive argument. 

Who should attend.

Managers, technical professionals, business analysts, marketing teams, administrative staff – everyone who has to communicate their ideas throughout the work day.


“Great class! It should be a requirement
for everyone in our company.”

Geri Villanova, Senior Analyst
Spectra Energy


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