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Collaborative Communication

Boost morale, improve teamwork, and get things done.


Companies create healthier, and more productive work environments by helping employees be aware of their behavior, judgments, expectations, and attitudes.

Collaborative Communication explores how you perceive yourself and others, and how those perceptions influence your communication style, and your ability to lead, manage, and collaborate.

This insightful, challenging, and active one-day session is packed with fresh ideas and practical techniques to help you and your colleagues work together and accomplish more.

You will participate in a series of exercises to awaken your self-awareness; see and hear how your actions and words affect others; discover how learning styles influence productivity; and identify how recognizing an individual’s personality and motivation allows for greater efficiency among teams.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to: 

  • Recognize how shared values and experiences strengthen teams

  • Identify dominant learning styles that influence communication

  • Use active dialog techniques to improve communication

  • Apply constructive criticism principles to build confidence and collaboration

  • Assess how your body language and vocal style affect understanding

  • Motivate and inspire teams through clear, persuasive communication

  • Encourage and support coworkers to their full abilities and potential 

Who should attend

Managers, technical experts, sales professionals, business analysts, marketing teams, administrative staff – everyone who has to communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with coworkers, business partners, and customers.

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