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John Sturtevant Podcast

A weekly podcast with quick tips to help you communicate clearly at work, at home, and everywhere else you go.



Episode 7 - Say goodbye to your attachments

Sending email attachments can clutter your reader's inbox. But if you can’t resist the urge to tie up your emails with attachments, here are a few suggestions for you to make your attachments much more appealing. 

Dudley Do-Right and Snidely Whiplash


Episode 6 - Writing is a conversation

We spend a good part of our day interrupting people, and asking them to pay attention to us. Except we’re usually not face-to-face, we’re often sitting at our desks.  

And we call that interaction email. 

Here's how to think of email as a conversation with your reader.


Episode 5 - Begin with the end

This week, we begin a series called 10 Quick Tips for Terrific Email 

And today is Quick Tip #10 - Begin with the end

Start every email with a reader benefit. The idea you want your reader to remember should be the subject line, and/or the first sentence in your email. 

A brief history of email

Episode 5 transcript


Episode 4 - The Medium and The Message

Electronic media have become more personal, and a far more integrated part of our lives. And the way we understand and use technology may influence us more than the messages we get from the technology.

EGO 21 inch battery-powered lawnmower

Marshall McLuhan

Bill Gates - Content is King


Ferris Jabr - Why Walking Helps Us Think

The Quins 

Episode 4 transcript


Episode 3 - A few words about nonverbal communication 

How to practice a few simple nonverbal communication techniques in today's world of virtual meetings and social distancing.

The Science Of When You Need In-Person Communication

4 Ways to Communicate When You Can't See Someone's Face

Episode 3 transcript


Episode 2 - What are your words worth?

How to use words with intention to help your reader recognize something they'd be able to see, if they were looking in the right place.

George Orwell Politics and the English Language

How emojis are changing linguistics

Delicious poached salmon recipe

Episode 2 transcript


Episode 1 - Create a culture of kindness

Ideas on how communicating kindness, empathy, and compassion create a healthier life – at home and at work. 

Inc Magazine

Harvard Business Review

The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Episode 1 transcript