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Business Communication Books

How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking
Jordan Ellenberg

We typically assume the answer lies in what we observe about the problem. But the solution often awaits us in what we’re not paying attention to.

If you like finding new ways to think, this book is for you.

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The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments
Ali Almossawi

A wonderful compendium of classic logical fallacies. If you like the syllogism and proofline, you’ll appreciate this gem.

book of bad arguments
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Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies
June Casagrande

Funny, smart, insightful. This is the world’s only useful grammar guide.


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Competitive Communication
Barry Eckhouse

Barry worked with our team to develop the writing program at Harvard Business School. This clearly written guide to argument and persuasion is full of examples, references, and ideas to get your gears turning. There’s no better book on persuasive writing.



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Robert Rosenthal

Robert was a mentor, teacher, and role model for me when I began my copywriting career. He’s creative, insightful, and most importantly, he knows that successful marketing wins new business for his clients, not just awards for his agency. Get this book. And give copies to all your customers.



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Rivers of Revenue
Kristin Zhivago

"Your brand is the promise you keep, not the one you make." That’s brilliant. Read this book for more insight about marketing and selling.


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Why Business People Speak Like Idiots
Fugere, Hardaway & Warshawsky

You must read this book. Twice. Then give a copy to everyone in your company.



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On Writing Well
William Zinsser

This book will make you a better writer and a better reader.



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Woe is I
Patricia T. O'Conner

A fun, practical, easy-to-read guide to modern English usage.



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The Describer’s Dictionary
David Grambs

A wonderful treasure of examples and ideas to help make your writing alive!



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Lateral Thinking
Edward de Bono

How to start doing instead of sitting around waiting for your muse to appear. You’ll never think about thinking quite the same way again.


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Revising Business Prose
Richard Lanham

An essential book for anyone who wants to communicate clearly. It’s fun, smart, and full of practical examples of how to turn pompous business banter into clear, eloquent prose. 


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