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The Writing Lab brings personalized editorial coaching to Austin and Seattle-area companies.

When you set up The Writing Lab for your employees, I'll provide editing, coaching, and guidance tailored to each individual. All with a focus on supporting and enhancing your company’s communication standards and practices.

You can schedule The Writing Lab onsite several times a week, once a month, or as often as you'd like.

I'll give your employees one-on-one attention to help them effectively use the writing skills they do well, and focus on areas where they can improve.


Practical guidelines to inspire your staff.

The Writing Lab offers proven techniques that are easy to understand, and easy to apply. 

My personalized coaching will help your employees improve documents they're working on – including emails, reports, proposals, and more.

Plus, I'll inspire them with new ideas and practical techniques to help them develop their own clear and confident writing style.

It's an ideal opportunity to boost the overall writing quality in your organization.  


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Learn more about bringing The Writing Lab to your organization: Send me details