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Here’s a handy one-page overview of our four communication skills workshops.

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Persuasive Business Writing

Focus your ideas, eliminate wordiness, and inspire your readers.

This thought-provoking one-day or two-day workshop provides new ideas, practical examples, and guided exercises to give you fresh insight about why you write, what your readers expect from you, and how to communicate your ideas clearly to engage your readers and achieve results.


Speak Like You Mean It!

Organize your ideas, engage your audience, and speak with confidence.

This highly interactive one-day or two-day presentation skills workshop combines confidence-building public-speaking techniques, story-telling principles to engage your audience, improvisational acting exercises to help you think on your feet, and practical guidelines for creating presentation graphics. 


Cure Gobbledygook!

Define your objectives, eliminate complexity, and write like a human.

This hands-on one-day workshop is full of new ideas and practical techniques to help your team write, edit, and revise their documents based on proven clear writing criteria.


Collaborative Communication

Boost morale, improve teamwork, and get things done.

This interactive one-day workshop explores how your employees perceive themselves, and others, and how those perceptions influence their communication style, and their ability to lead, manage, and collaborate.