Here’s your chance to learn what it takes to engage your audience, and deliver your ideas clearly and confidently.

This energetic one-day, hands-on workshop combines confidence-building public-speaking techniques, story-telling principles to engage your audience, improvisational acting exercises to help you think on your feet, and practical guidelines for creating presentation graphics. 

This workshop is ideal for:

• technical professionals who make presentations to management

• sales pros who want to be more persuasive

• managers who need to refine their communication skills

• anyone who wants to speak to an audience with confidence.

Morning: Developing a presence

Through a series of physical and verbal exercises, you will learn to feel comfortable with your physical presence, project and enunciate your words correctly, and connect with your audience through speaking rhythm, vocal emphasis, eye-contact, body language, and other essential public speaking skills.

Participants will engage in fun, challenging, and insightful exercises designed to help them focus on how they look and sound to their audience.

The morning session includes:

• Physical warm ups
• Listening Skills
• Spontaneous Thinking
• Improvisation Structures
• Body Language Skills
• The Power of Sounds
• Two-minute presentations
• and much more.

Mid-day: Planning the presentation

You will learn how to generate ideas, craft a story, other skills you need to plan and create a compelling presentation. Either working in groups, or individually, participants will:

• Develop presentation ideas
• Assess their audience
• Create a story line
• Outline their presentation
• Write the presentation draft
• Learn how to rehearse effectively

Afternoon: The Power of Visual Support

Most presenters rely on visual support – often PowerPoint slides or other computer-based programs.  Unfortunately, few people understand how to use their visuals correctly. (Think of all those boring, tedious, and confusing presentations you’ve sat through!)

You’ll also see how to create visuals that clarify, enhance, and strengthen your presentation.

You will learn:

• What PowerPoint is good for. And how not to use it!
• How to develop a slide presentation that moves smoothly.
• Ways to use visuals to illustrate your story.

Presentations & Critiques

Each participant will write a final script, develop their visuals, and deliver their presentations to the class.

What You'll Get:

You’ll learn dozens of new ideas and techniques you can use right away to communicate clearly and persuasively. 

You’ll also receive a comprehensive workbook with notes, examples, exercises, and more.


newme.jpgAbout your Instructor

John Sturtevant is a certified trainer in the Accelerated Learning Method. He has taught thousands of business people around the world how to think analytically and communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively.

John was a successful business writer for 20 years. He also taught writing at Harvard Business School and was Professor of Business Communications at The European School of Economics.

John earned the All-Star Speaker honor from the International Association of Business Communicators. He leads public workshops and onsite training for organizations worldwide.